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WNYN-LD is a local station for New York City. It broadcasts on channel 39.

The station started out as W51BV channel 51 from Deer Park, NY in July 1991 as an affiliate of The Box Music Network. On November 20, 1995, the station became WNYN-LP. In 2000, they ceased operations on channel 51 without warning, leaving many fans of The Box in the area in the dark. During this time, WNYN prepared to move to channel 39, while its sister station WXNY-LP, who at the time was on channel 39, prepared to move to channel 32.

One Sunday night in 2001, channel 51 came back on the air for one night with the LTV programming that also aired on WXNY-LP, but there was no audio. It is believed that this was WNYN's way of preventing their license from being revoked by the FCC for being silent for more than 12 consecutive months.

In 2002, WNYN-LP moved to channel 39 and became an affiliate of Azteca America, after the network earlier failed to acquire WSAH, which they intended to use as New York's Azteca America flagship.

In June 2009, analog transmission ceased and digital transmission began. Azecta America moved to WMBC DT6 in 2010. WNYN is currently on the air as an independent station with a station logo which shows an overnight view of the New York City skyline with a new station branding called TVC 39. WNYN airs movies along with music videos plus general programming. WNYN is currently airing infomericals and is one of three affiliates that might join MundoFox in 2012, but it was pick up by WPXO-LD which has since cease carbievision in 2012. Later that year they have found another affiliate which is TeLe-Romantica, thus replacing independent programming. Which since the transition has been seen on 39.2 and 39.5 in both English and Spanish programming. As a result of the switch www.furiamusicaltv.com has since discontinued streaming programing. The website has since return in 2013 airing infomercials in Spanish plus local programming.


When WNYN-LP moved its transmitter to channel 39 in Long Island City, their over the air signal became unavailable in their then-city of license, Deer Park, and their localized programming did not target the community either. However, the channel is available on satellite, but not on the local Cablevision system and the local Verizon FiOS TV system that serves Deer Park. (WNYN-LP has since been relicensed to New York.)