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WPAT-FM, known on-air as "93.1 Amor", is a radio station with a Spanish AC format. Located on 93.1 FM, the station, which is licensed to Paterson, New Jersey, serves the New York City Metropolitan area. It has studios in Midtown Manhattan, and the transmitter is atop the Empire State Building. WPAT-FM signed on in 1957 with studios in Newark, New Jersey. It eventually moved to new studios on Church Street in Paterson, and later moved to its last studio at the four-tower transmitter site, 1396 Broad Street in Clifton, New Jersey, before the station adopted its current format.

The station, along with its AM counterpart, was purchased by Capital Cities Communications in 1961. In 1985, Capital Cities announced that it would buy ABC. As a result of Federal Communications Commission regulations at the time, the company decided to sell WPAT-AM-FM because ABC already owned WABC and WPLJ in New York City. The WPAT stations would be sold to Park Communications.

For years, WPAT operated both stations with a beautiful music format under the slogan "Easy 93". In the early 1990s, WPAT-FM gradually switched to an adult contemporary format, and from October 1994 to its sign off in January 1996, the station was known as "Today's 93.1". In November 1995, the Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) agreed to purchase the 93.1 FM license and transmitter. The building and intellectual property were excluded from the sale. The building, the AM transmitter, and 930 AM license were sold to Heftel Broadcasting (now Univisión radio), which was another company specializing in Spanish-language programming.

On January 19, 1996, at 11:59 pm, WPAT-FM ceased being an English-language broadcaster when control of the station was switched over to the new owners. WPAT-FM DJ Karen Carson did the last airshift for the station's adult contemporary format that day, and Operations Director Ken McKenzie gave a farewell speech right before the format change. Immediately after the station signed off from Clifton, the new Spanish-language adult contemporary format signed on from Manhattan, and the station began calling itself "Suave 93.1" ("Smooth 93.1"). Eventually, on February 4, 1998, the station's name was changed to "Amor 93.1" ("Love 93.1") and in January 2002, reversed to "93.1 Amor" ("93.1 Love").

In the Spanish station's earliest years, its transmitter was located at the top of the Chrysler Building in Manhattan. Later, it was moved to the top of the North Tower of the World Trade Center, but it was destroyed as a result of the September 11 attacks in 2001. Due to this, the station went silent during the attacks, until WPAT-FM was able to set up a temporary transmitter. The station's transmitter was eventually moved to the Empire State Building.

In January 2002, WPAT dropped most classic music and shifted to a "'90s to Now" direction. WPAT's music direction changed again on June 13, 2011, by dropping the 1990s tracks and shifted to a "2000's to Now" direction. On July 6, 2011, it shifted to a Spanish-language rhythmic AC (based on WKTU), and on February 7, 2012, it shifted to Spanish Top 40. During this transition, the station used the "La Nueva 93.1" moniker; this then changed back to "93.1 Amor". In late November 2012, the station shifted back to Spanish AC under the "Romantica y Agresiva" slogan; the station also added back 1980's music. In February 2013, WPAT dropped '80s and '90s music, and shifted to a "2000's to Now" direction under the "Más Música y Menos Comerciales" slogan and in early 2014, WPAT shift to Bachata y Pop using "Emisora Oficial de Bachata y Pop" slogan. On June 13, 2015, the slogan changed to "#1 Con Hits En New York! Y Luis Jiménez en las Mañanas!" On July 6, 2015, some AC Music came back on air and some Tropical Music left during the 4th of July. And they dropped "Y Luis Jiménez en las Mañanas!" from the slogan.